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Sunday, 12 July 2015

While I wouldn't say I'm a frequent wearer of dresses, this summer I've been inspired. On a recent visit to Spring restaurant (which I would highly recommend) I witnessed a coterie of waitresses who calmly worked the room in coloured sack-like dresses (designed by Egg of Knightsbridge) teamed with white plimsoles. 

COS was obviously the first port of call on my search for a dress which fit the minimal, colour, cotton criteria. Having said that, it's my first port of call on most shopping missions. While there I picked up these gold disc earrings which haven't left my lobes since.

Dress: COS
Leather rucksack: Loxley England
Canvas high tops: Spring Court (available at Tribeca, Brighton)
Earrings: COS
Sunglasses: 'Aveda Dollars' by Zanzan

Photography: Lauren Maccabee

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  1. Love this simple stylish look. Off to bag me those earrings!


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