Thursday, 24 January 2013

I never thought the dream would become a reality! And yet here they are, my new white Acne Alma boots. SO happy. I pooled all my christmas money together and decided to get one big thing instead of lots of little things. Tribeca kindly ordered them in for me as they don't stock the white ones- thankyou Laura and Suzanne! I had a wobble while waiting or them to arrive and wondered wether I should've bought the black ones, but ever since putting them on I knew I'd made the right choice. And they have totally revived my wardrobe! So get ready for plenty of outfit posts including these beauties.

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  1. Very nice..I think I'd be scared of getting them dirty!

  2. They are beautiful, you are very lucky :) They look amazing on

  3. worth the wait then, nice one


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