Nike Air Max 90

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My newest footwear lust. Nike Air Max 90. If I could get my hands on the colourway Amy Bannerman of Elle is wearing I would be so happy, but I have a feeling they're hard to come by. Found the top ones on the US UrbanOutfitters site but I'd rather not get them online. Brighton is lacking anywhere that sells cool trainers in women's sizes. I think a trip to London is in order. Anyone know the best place to try for trainer treasure?

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  1. i remember having a navy and green pair when i was about 13, loved those babies. are considered to be immense for trainers, and always try size for some street treats. trickier for women i guess but you should try size in brighton too

  2. I got myself these they re so comfortable and i like how they can cheer up a dark/winter outfit

  3. I'm only wearing Nike shoes now! I both got a pair of Nike Roshe run, but also a few pairs of Nike air max

  4. Love, love, love the outfit!
    Where did you find these sneakers? I'm totally obsessed with them, but they are sold out everywhere!?
    Look at my website can get them Mens Air Max 90

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