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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some things I've been up to the last month or so...

1) Ice skating at Natural History Museum 2) Science Museum with the boys 3) Met up with illustrator Will Scobie for a project we're doing with him at FentonForeman and got to witness some live illustration 4) Big fan of Skyfall! 5) Terry's hot chocolate orange at The Terraces 6) My Dove posters are up at all the bus stops! 7) Lush jumper at COS 8) Went to see Jessie Ware and 9) Two Inch Punch 10) Made Jamie Oliver quesadillas 11) Cassette Lord exhibit 12) New work by FentonForeman for Langtons Hair & Beauty

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  1. the new work is looking good, see more on your site soon?

  2. Thanks Mat! Lots of new work going up on the FentonForeman site really soon. Very exciting! Did you have a good time in Brighton by the way?

  3. I ve never tried ice skating!
    Fan of 007 too...


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