flash in the pan

Thursday, 12 July 2012

In my smugness I actually took a picture of it- my very own perfect poached egg. I have attempted to cook another one since but lets just say it was far from photo worthy. Any fail safe methods welcome!


  1. When you work out the foolproof method let me know. I can't cook a poached egg despite trying several times. My good cook friend said the fresher the egg, the better. So, get some chickens in your new garden and you'll be sorted! x

  2. i have poached eggs maybe once or twice a week and they always turn out different, sometimes under cooked and sometimes in pieces. most the time the taste great though. i'm toying with redesign ideas on my blog and i've tried out some new graphics on my latest post, which is a giveaway. i've used to circles and i've just seen you have, just wanted to say i didn't copy! really like the new font you have


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