Marni for H&M sandals

Friday, 9 March 2012

Well, the experience was very civilised! A ticketing system for time slots of 10 mins per group meant there was no barging or perspiring with panic, just a very calm shopping experience. For me anyway. There were a few red faced 30-40 somethings in the fitting room clutching 10 items and stressing about the sizing. I came away with exactly what I was after though. Pleased as punch.


  1. So jealous, these will be so versatile for summer. I really want the silver sandals. I'm heading to the H&M in Brighton on Monday - do they have much stock left? Or am I doing some utterly hopeless dreaming?! x

  2. very good choice. i'm like you, go out knowing what you want. you don't get let down that way. i wanted one of the printed shirts but they're not carrying it in the store that i usually check out the collections


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