Wednesday, 14 December 2011

On the search for similar door hinge statement necklace, I came upon accessory site Boticca. What a find! It's packed full of unique products by designers worldwide. I would be happy to host any one of these pieces around my neck.

'Bianca Necklace' Gemma Redux, 'Drama & Destruct Tusk Necklace' Eastern Mystic, 'Clemence' Jennifer Loiselle, 'Fitzgerald' Jennifer Loiselle, 'Vanessa Necklace' Gemma Redux

Visit Boticca to view more necklaces for women and other jewellery and accessories by independent designers.


  1. Hi Alexis! My name is Nathalie and I work for On behalf of Jennifer, Eastern Mystics, and Gemma Redux, I would like to say thank you for this lovely feature! Our independent designers value your support! I would love to get in touch with you- please send me an email via Thanks!


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